Hi beauties!

This summer I have been eating a lot of watermelon.  It's so sweet, refreshing, and in season, and tastes delicious when the weather is warm.  I wanted to do something to make it more into a meal than a side or snack, so I came up with a simple little recipe and shared it with my family.  It was an instant hit, and my Mom requested I make it for a party last weekend.  I did, and it was a hit again!  Haha.  So, I couldn't not share it with you all, especially since it was super simple!

Spicy Watermelon Salad

Spicy Watermelon Salad

  • Cube watermelon in 1" pieces
  • Finely slice jalapeno (remove seeds if you don't want it too hot)
  • Chop a little fresh mint
  • Crumble a little goat cheese
  • Juice a few fresh limes

As you can see, I don't really have any exact measurements.  Just use your own judgement and make to your liking.  Mix everything together and ENJOY!

What's your favorite summer fruit? 

xo.  Jen



Hi friends!  With The Soul Connection Series coming up, I really want to share about something that has been on my mind a lot lately.  That is, sometimes doing nothing is the most productive thing you can do.  Before you're like "Jen, that makes no sense," stay with me.  

We live in a fast paced world constantly wanting things to be quicker and more efficient, and where we want instant gratification all of the time.  Am I right?  Trust me when I say that I am as patient as a saint in most circumstances, but heaven forbid the WIFI is slow.  

I've written about slowing down, and different ways of getting to that level of calm, but sometimes, you're human and just can't.  And you know what?  That's totally okay.  I'm here to encourage you to give yourself permission to literally do nothing every once in a while.  

As I already mentioned, sometimes doing nothing is the most productive thing you can do.  I can speak for myself that when I am constantly being pulled in 20 different directions and multi-tasking like crazy, then chances are something (or everything) is going to suffer at some degree.  Stretching ourselves too thin is non-productive in itself.  

So, I challenged myself over the last few weeks is to periodically schedule nothing (I've been doing this about once a week).  That means, no appointments, no client sessions, no dinners with friends, no exercise class, no going to the movies, no grocery shopping, nothing.  THEN, I check-in with myself on those days and say "Since you have nothing planned today, what feels like the most productive thing you can do?"  (I encourage you to check-in with yourself daily, but this is different since you have nothing planned.)  Also, it needs to be said that sometimes laying on the couch watching Netflix all day IS the most productive thing you can do.  Rest is vital.  For example, I scheduled nothing yesterday, and this was my day: make breakfast at home for Greg, Kanan and I, go on a 3 mile walk at the beach, go out to lunner (like 4pm), head to TJ's, prep a few food items to make my week easier, paint my nails, watched a few shows on Netflix, and have mini-rest sessions between all of that.  Sounds like a lot right? Well, it felt like nothing since after each thing I did I checked in with myself and said, "You don't have to do anything else today, so what sounds good to next."  

My encouragement to you is to allow yourself permission to just be.  To check in with your mind, body, and spirit and see what she needs.  To do nothing every once in a while because it is good for your soul.

If you feel called to deepen your relationship with yourself in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, sign-up to be on the list for The Soul Connection Series.  Enrollment starts soon! 

xo. Jen


Happy hump day!  Today I want to talk about investing in ourselves.  Yesterday on social media I briefly shared about the importance of investing in ourselves, and today I want to go a bit more in depth.  

For me, investing in myself is like saying, "Jen, you are worthy of providing yourself the best care possible."  We are ALL worthy of providing ourselves supreme care, but often times investing in ourselves can fall by the wayside for one reason or another.  If I were to have one intention as a coach and practitioner, it would be to guide my clients to know the experience of divine self-love and care.  This is vital, and what I feel is the root of many other fulfilling experiences in life.

Side note: investing in yourself doesn't necessarily need to cost anything.  

Caring for myself looks different all the time, so let's take a look at a few examples:

  • Spending a few extra minutes when getting ready for the day.  This has less to do about appearance, and more to do with how this makes you feel.  I know for me that when I "get ready," I feel more productive.  
  • Taking a course, or attending and event or workshop to further your own personal growth or business.
  • Saying "no" when your need to.
  • Listening to your body, and providing her nourishment.  Whether it is eating a bowl of roasted veggies or a bowl of ice cream.  Taking a walk with your dog or lifting weights.  Listening to what your body is telling you is a huge form of investing in yourself.
  • Taking time to rest and relax.  Whether it is going to be early, having a spa day, laying on the couch watching Netflix, or taking a nap, these experiences are important for rejuvenation. 
  • Making space in your life for more joy, fun, and happiness.  

I could keep going on different ways to invest in yourself, but the main component is knowing your worth, and feeling that self-love and care on a daily level.

What does investing in yourself look like to you?

If self-care is something that you would like to deepen in, sign-up below to be the first on my workshop list for The Soul Connection Series, and read more about it here.  We will be talking all about how to best care for ourselves in Nourish Your Soul: A Guide to Divine Self-Care, followed by a really fun Vision Board Workshop.  Registration will begin next week!





Happy Friday, friends!  Yesterday on Facebook and Instagram (which by the way, if we're not social media friends, let's be!) I shared how grateful I am that so many of you are interested in my new fall workshops, The Soul Connection Series.  It's a very affirming feeling knowing that the work (I totally don't consider it work, but you know what I mean) I am doing is needed in my local community and beyond.  Whether you feel called to attend or not, my heart is full, and I feel so grateful for your support.

For me, part of self-care is reading material that inspires me.  Reading something that I enjoy not only relaxes me, but also brings me a sense of happiness knowing I am gaining further knowledge.  Win-win!  Today I am sharing some of my favorites, and why I enjoy them so much.  Most of which I have read more than once, too!  Haha!

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

Whether you've read and/or follow A Course in Miracles or not, Williamson has a beautiful way of simply breaking ACIM down in a digestible way.  She shares her own story and how she got to where she is today, in such an honest and raw way, that it captures your attention and makes you really sink into what she is sharing.  Not to mention, the spiritual insight via text is so benefiting to wherever you are on your journey.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Gilbert's writing is so inspiring in this book.  It affirms that each and every one of us are creative and have something to share with the world.  In my opinion (and Gilbert's), there IS a difference between being creative and being artistic, and she breaks down a lot of that in Big Magic.  We all are creative, and we all have a gift to share.  Love that!

Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo

Funny story, when I went through spiritual practitioner training this book was one of the many books on our required reading list.  Before I started reading it, I wasn't very excited because I didn't care for another one of Nepo's books (which numbers show that I am probably the only person on the planet that didn't care for it, HA!).  Well, was I proved wrong with this one.  Nepo's insight into listening is so profound and deep, and the quotes and lessons he provides are great to use on a daily basis.  To this day, it is one of my favorite books, and I use it for reference a lot in my own practice.

You Can Heal You Life by Louise Hay

Growing up my mom and I lovingly (and jokingly) referred to Louise Hay as "Auntie Louise."  We referenced this book constantly, so much so that I think both my mom and I have had to replace our copies due to over-use.  Hay's opinion is that the mind and body are connected (which I completely agree with), and that illnesses arise because of emotional, mental, or spiritual reasons and thought processes (which I semi, but not completely agree with--that's a topic for another day).  My favorite part of this book is the affirmations near the end.  You all know I love my affirmations, so this is definitely a go-to for me. 

I hope these tips were helpful for you.  Have you read any of them?  What are some of your favorite books that bring you inspiration?

xo.  Jen



Hi friends!  As I mentioned the other day, I have two workshops that are coming up this fall, and I am SO excited to share a bit about them today.  Let's jump in!  Say hello to:

T H E   S O U L   C O N N E C T I O N   S E R I E S

The Soul Connection Series is all about owning your desires, living an inspired life, and ultimately being in sync with your soul.  Doesn't that sound like so much fun?!  

For both workshops I am intentionally curating a small, sacred space (think: ten people and lots of cozy vibes).  This is so we can have meaningful conversation and coaching, and create a purposeful afternoon where everyone feels like their needs are met.

The first of the two workshops is Nourish Your Soul: A Guide to Divine Self-Care.  During this workshop we will go through the nuts and bolts of what self-care is and why it is so vital to our souls, unlock any limiting beliefs of why self-care doesn't work for you, and ultimately guide you to develop a self-care ritual that is individual to you.   

The second workshop is a Vision Board Workshop.  We've all heard of The Secret, right?  Well, it's not much of a secret anymore, because more and more people are recognizing that visualization is super powerful!  Vision boards have been widely popular over the years, but what sets this workshop apart from others, is that we will go through a unique process that I've created where you will get crystal clear about the desires and vision that you want in your life.  This is sure to be a fun and creative afternoon!

"Leaving today I feel a sense of renewal and excitement.  The concepts are broken down in a digestible way, and the content is so rich.  I can't wait to take what I have learned and use it in my daily life!"  

Past workshop attendee

To be the first on the list, simply fill out the form below.  Space is limited, and these workshops fill up quickly.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more about my own journey with self-care and vision boards, and what it feels like to me.  In the mean time, if you have any questions, please reach out and let me know!  

xo.  Jen