Women in Business is a special project that began because I wanted to highlight some of my favorite female business owners and entrepreneurs in the Ventura community. We are blessed to have so many!

I feel especially honored that each of these nine talented and powerful women said YES! To have spent quality time together, asked them questions about business and life, and then capture part of the essence of who they are on camera—I feel overwhelming gratitude.

I encourage you to learn more about each of these women, view their photos, share this story, follow them on social media, frequent their business, and get to know them. They’re incredible humans, adding so much goodness to the world.

S A R A B E C K T O N - L E Ó N

Parlor Room Goods

The first time I met Sara she was making me a hand crafted cocktail at Fluid State. I was instantly drawn to her mega watt smile and warm personality, and felt like she was genuinely helping to create an atmosphere of community and joy with the patrons around her.

As I got to know her and followed her business, Parlor Room Goods, on Instagram, I learned that she was an accomplished artist specializing in ceramics.

Sara studied art in undergrad, where she learned about and practiced ceramics, furniture making, casting jewelry, glass blowing, and anthropology (which informed her about what she did). During this time she also taught art in various capacities, but it wasn’t always consistent, so she started bartending to fill in, and realized she was good at it and it was really fun.

She went to graduate school at the University of Michigan for architecture, but hopped out and started bartending at a place around the corner. This is where she really gained a multitude of experience working alongside an educated community of PhD’s, great chefs, and really awesome people who changed her idea what the service industry was all about. She recognized that if you’re doing something, you might as well do it well and with care.

About five years ago she moved back to Ventura and started sharing a studio with Maribel Hernandez at Bell Arts Factory (she since has her own studio). A friend brought a wheel over, and she began throwing again. Sara shares, I didn’t know when the wheel was brought that I would create a specialty bar business, which transitioned into other stuff (dinnerware, etc). In the beginning is what just an idea for her bar at home (salt rimmers, copitas for mezcal, etc.), but others wanted them too, and it organically took off. She has since also created items for local businesses like Fluid State, The Tavern, Prospect Coffee, and more.

What is your favorite thing to create?

You’ll hear me say this is the bar, but, I don’t believe in favorites. Life is so temporal, and everything has its season, but hyper-functionality and purposeful items are important. Making bigger things is really fun, because there is something satisfying about holding that much clay in your hands.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Don’t quit your day job. Also, whether or not you’re “good” at something shouldn’t be the deciding factor of if you do it.

How to connect with Sara:

Bell Arts Factory on the first Friday of the month.


Instagram: @parlor_room_goods



Hair Stylist

Everyone knows that when you have a great hair stylist, you stay with them. Well, about two years ago my long time stylist moved away, and I was in major need of a hair revival. I asked around in person and on social media, and about 75% of people said “Elaine at Matiz!” I looked at her work, and quickly made an appointment. I felt the moment I met her that I trusted her with my hair (so much so that I asked her to chop off 10” on my first visit!). She is a natural artist with hair, listens to her clients, and gently provides suggestions if they want it.

Elaine knew at 15 years old that she wanted to do hair. She spent a few years doing friends’ hair in her bathroom; rinsing their color under the tub spout was always an adventure. She then went straight to beauty school at 18, and started working locally right after. She spent eight years at her previous salon, and has been at Matiz the past four years.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

You have to want it. You have to put in the time, and mental and physical energy it takes to be successful. Paying your dues, so to speak. Having passion and dedication goes a long way. Always be willing to continue learning and ask for support when you need it.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the connection to my clients. I have clients who have been through it all: cancer, divorce, losing their homes in the fire. I have clients who have experienced great joys: birth, marriage, vacations of a lifetime. My lame joke is that I wanted to be a hairstylist or a psychologist and I get to be both, but with less liability.

How to connect with Elaine:

You can make an appointment with Elaine at Matiz Salon in Ventura.

Instagram: @laaiinn


Life Coaching & Body Therapies

I have been blessed to know Bernie for many years and she is someone who absolutely embodies joy to the fullest, and is so fun to be around. Bernie brings that joy along with a wealth of knowledge to the work she does, and I have been lucky enough to take her classes, as well as co-facilitate courses together.

In Bernie’s practice she incorporates her education as a Life Coach, Massage Therapist, and BodyTalk Practitioner to see beyond the whole expression of what her client is talking about or feeling. She listens with her heart, eyes, and ears. BodyTalk is something that I find deeply fascinating, so I asked Bernie to touch on it a bit.

BodyTalk is an energy style of revealing the bodies communication system, and is designed to use western and eastern philosophies. When we look at the organs, when we look at the endocrines, that’s a part of BodyTalk. And how do we connect them? The whole thing is about communication, to keep the body connected so the brain, the body, and the spirit are working in a cohesive unit, rather than fragmented or separated parts of themselves. It’s all about communication because our everyday life trips our stress buttons, and stress puts a stop on certain parts of the body having full communication. BodyTalk opens the communications and keeps them flowing.

What do you feel has been your greatest evolution as a person and as a business owner?

I am not in control. I am here to usher in an invitation for someone to find a greater expression, or express their potential.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Follow your heart, and make sure that you pay the bills.

How to connect with Bernie:

Bernie shares a beautiful office in downtown Ventura with seven other practitioners. She also works with clients remotely.

To find out more about Bernie and to make an appointment, visit her on her website.


Aloha Dog Grooming

I was introduced to Tina several years ago during the Christmas Eve service at the church I attend. For many years it has been tradition that at end of the service, various farm animals come strolling down the aisles to the front altar as a symbolism for all of life’s wonder. After the service people can come down to meet the creatures, ranging from donkeys to geese to pigs and more! We have Tina and her team to thank for bringing the beautiful animals, and all the joy that they bring.

Tina got into the business because she used to groom show horses until her early 20s. Needing to support herself and coming to the realization that equine grooming wasn’t financially fulfilling, she thought, Let’s try dogs! I figured if I could shave a horse, I could probably shave a dog. That was the logic behind picking that. For a few years she worked with a mentor that took a chance on her and taught her everything she knew about grooming dogs, as well as the thought process behind working with various types of dogs—aggressive, nervous, unique breeds, and so on. This eventually led to her starting her own mobile dog grooming business (whilst also running her own ranch back home). Once she had enough clients, Tina opened up her original brick and mortar location on Front Street in Ventura, Aloha Dog Grooming. She has since moved and has been at her Main Street location for two and a half years.

What makes Aloha Dog Grooming stand out from other dog grooming businesses?

I started to become more knowledgeable and did more research about these types of issues [aggressive, senior, nervous] so I could accommodate them. I’m getting known for taking care of dogs that are harder to handle, and that feels rewarding. We also have Senior Dog Day, where dogs over 14 years old or with debilitating health problem have their own day. The owner can stay and watch, it’s quiet, and one person is holding the dog while another grooms.

People also really like that I have my non-reactive animals in the shop, because it helps relax other dogs so they have a good grooming experience.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Don’t overthink it. If I would have put more thought it what could go wrong, I probably wouldn’t have done it to begin with. Also, if someone is really good at something, but not so much at something else, do what you’re really good at. If you can delegate, do that, or figure out how to do it.

How to connect with Tina:

Aloha Dog Grooming is located at 1998 E. Main Street in Ventura.

Facebook & Instagram: @alohadoggrooming

Tina is also involved in an upcoming Career Fair for animals, along with animal control, the zoo, Fish & Game, and a dog trainer. This is a great opportunity for people to get into animal careers. For more information, call the shop.


Brown & Co. Designs

Anytime I think of Heather, I think of community. She is so good about cultivating community here in Ventura (and beyond), and reminds me of the phrase collaboration over competition.

Heather is an incredible calligrapher, that creates stunning items for weddings, events, and more. I first came across Brown & Co. Designs on Instagram a few years ago around the holidays when she was creating beautiful hand lettered ornaments. I immediately reached out to her to purchase a few, and was so happy to have some of her creations hanging on my Christmas tree. Since then I am proud to say that I own several of her beautiful pieces.

Heather is also the Creative Operator at the Annex in The Collection, where all of the businesses in the Annex are locally owned. She organizes community classes facilitated by various artists that are taught on the second Thursday of the month.

Heather picked up calligraphy as a form of catharsis when someone very close to her passed away. She began by making signs for her own home and family, which eventually led to helping people with weddings and other special events (her designs are serious works of art). This transitioned into teaching creative workshops and classes on hand lettering.

During this time she was working in the dental field, and doing calligraphy on the side. It was at that time her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and it was a catalyst for her leaving her office job, and went into lettering full time while also spending quality time with her mom.

What differs Brown & Co. Designs from someone else in the same field?

The story of grief and loss, and the darkness of losing your only support systems in life, not once, but twice. My “why” of sharing is the therapeutic side of it, and all the joy and feedback I get from it is rewarding. It’s also a personal style and preference.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Don’t quit, and keep going. Be authentic in putting your true self out there. Network in a genuine way.

How to connect with Heather:

Instagram: @brownandcodesigns

Private Workshops

Find out more about classes at the Annex at The Collection here.


Tiger Owl Designs

Summer and her family were neighbors of mine for a few years, and during this time I got to know her a bit. She is someone that I admire for her creativity, beauty, and strength. I vividly recall watching her from a window one day, pushing her toddler in a stroller, uphill, with her dog on a leash next to her, all while being about eight months pregnant. I remember being convinced that Summer was a real life Super Hero—I still do.

Summer shared with me that she has always been a creative person who wanted to make things, and that nature and the environment has always interested her. Tiger Owl Designs began as a side business of screen printing t-shirts with eco-friendly materials, however, she always wanted to create her designs from start to finish, as opposed to getting blank t-shirts. Summer had an idea in her mind of a pair of wrap pants, and created them on a whim one night out of old curtains. Instantly people commented on them, so she refined her pattern, worked with a pattern maker at her previous job to help her with lines, started creating and selling more pants, launched a website, and has recently gone full time.

Where is the material you use sourced?

Summer met her supplier at a Los Angeles textile trade show. Linen is made from flax which takes less water than cotton, can be more organically grown, and is a fast crop that allows farmers to grow other crops throughout the year. She started asking more questions about where flax is grown, where dyes are made, etc., and feels like she is getting the most eco-friendly option for the quantities she needs.

I am constantly learning about the textile and fashion industry, and try to gently share for people to educate themselves on where their clothes are from. Don’t impulse buy. Ask companies ‘who makes their products,’ and ‘are their employees treated properly and paid a fair wage?’

Summer herself tries to be as transparent as possible with her customers, and does her best to answer any questions that come her way.


We talked a lot about diversity in clothing, and Summer shared that she is wanting to change her sizing, and is working on adding a size that can accommodate more individuals.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Just do it, and listen to your customers.

How to connect with Summer:

Instagram: @tigerowl


Clothing is also sold at Passport Habits in Ventura & Mujeres Collective in Summerland.


Esthetician AKA The Skin Magician

Kaila is as kind as she is talented. My sessions with her are always relaxing, while also feeling like I am catching up with a good friend. She is such a people-person, and strives to connect with her clients on an authentic level, and it shows.

Born and raised in Ventura, Kaila has been an esthetician for 15 years, and until having her own space has always worked for some sort at doctor’s office or medical spa.

How do you differ from someone else in the same field?

I come from a medical background, with a bit more scientific treatment based skincare—microdermabrasion, chemical peels, etc. I also started a skincare line through working with a lab in Florida. It’s effective skincare, and different then the run of the mill items you’ll find at the drugstore.

Kaila is known for being the Skin Magician, and there is a reason why! She shared that her favorite type of skin transformation is when she can make someone feel like they can go about their life and not hide. I feel like it’s really important to make people feel good. Your face is the first thing someone sees, and when you feel good about the way you look, you feel good about life. If I can make someone feel good, then that makes me feel good.

Can you tell me about the items in your skincare line?

  • Oil Cleanser—great for sensitive and dry skin.

  • Day Cream

  • Night Cream

  • Retinol—which everyone should be using and is great for wrinkles, pigmentation, clearing out cellular debris, and making cell turnover happen faster.

  • Illuminating Primer—make-up users especially love this glowing product.

  • Hylauronic Acid—hydrating but works from the inside out, and our body naturally produces it but it slows down as we get older.

  • Vitamin C Serum—brightening and full of antioxidants and citrus stem cells.

  • Charcoal Mask—purifying.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Don’t give up. I think that you’re not doing something right if you don’t want to throw in the towel at least once a week. Love what you do. Know how to roll with the punches, because business ebbs and flows. Take advantage of the down time.

How to connect with Kaila:

Kaila’s office is located at 73 N. Palm Street in Ventura.

Instagram: @skin.magician

Website (where you can also purchase skincare items)


Senior Minister at the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living

Something that I love about Bonnie is that she has a way of weaving paradox into every aspect of life. She invites you to ponder the sacred and mystical, whilst still living in the moment of everyday life. She is one of my greatest mentors, but also a wonderful friend (we like to bond over The Office and our love of dogs).

I deeply admire Bonnie for many things, but one of which is having a variety of career paths in life. She was born in New York, and went to college in North Carolina where she received a degree in nursing, followed by an additional degree in music. She then moved back to New York and worked as a nurse, while supplementing her income with singing and acting on the side. While doing a Broadway show out in California with her husband, they realized that there was life beyond New York, and moved out west where she continued working as a nurse and singer. Deciding that she didn’t want to do either anymore, she got a job as a corporate trainer for a medical device company, and also started attending the school of ministry (with no intention of starting a church). However, they used to bring their Vizsla dog Stella up to Ventura County to run on the beaches, and one day a woman who attended our church saw she had a t-shirt with the logo of our denomination on it and she asked her about it.

I thought, ‘Yeah, I don’t really want to run a church, but if that church opens up I would consider looking into it.’ Two weeks later that minister quit, and it was on my radar because of that conversation. I applied for the job, I got it, and I have been here ever since. That was a little over 15 years ago.

What is your favorite part about being a minister?

The camaraderie that I have with people in the church, and all the joy. The other is that I get to think about really deep, mystical, unanswerable questions. I get to think about a way to put them in to words, and put answers into words, knowing that the answers are never complete, and poke around in the mystery.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Follow the joy. One way I like to locate the joy is to review the best thing that I experienced (and the worst) from the previous day.

How to connect with Bonnie:

Bonnie is the Senior Minister at the Ventura Center for Spiritual Living, located at 101 S. Laurel Street in Ventura. She speaks most Sunday’s at 10am.

Podcast with weekly talks



Life & Success Coach and NLP Practitioner

Alexis and I met taking a class at our local community college many years ago, and right away became study buddies. She has a warm personality that instantly makes people feel comfortable, which is probably a huge reason why she has gained so much success in all of her work.

Alexis is a Certified Life & Success Coach and NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming helps people re-program how they think and process things so they can be more successful in how they do things), and works with women to identify what kind of goals they want in their business, and then scale and figure out how to achieve those goals.

Alexis vulnerably shared about her past career, and how it brought her to where she is at now.

So much about why I work with women and want to empower women is because for 15 years I took emergency calls from women in all sorts of situations. I will never name names, or tell a story about a specific call or incident, but I feel like over the years as a 911 dispatcher you are this faceless person, and you process everything that is thrown at you. Unfortunately, you’ll get a call from a women who is in the worst domestic crisis of her life…and you do everything you can in that moment to help them and try to keep them calm and send them help. But at the end of the day, after years and years I kept going home feeling like I wasn’t doing enough—even though I was really good at my job and doing everything right. I felt unfulfilled.

She began by selling clothing via direct sales, because she felt that a lot of women needed a boost of confidence in their personal lives. Clothing doesn’t solve your life issues, but you can feel more confident. What she realized she liked even more, was helping women. So, Alexis created group trainings to help empower women.

This eventually transformed into coaching, and creating the podcast She Can with Alexis Eileen! geared towards female entrepreneurs interested in mindset and reframing how we view things. Her hope is that listeners will leave the podcast with more tools than when they started listening.

What piece of wisdom would you give someone wanting to start their own business?

Avoid the endless cycle of getting started, before you get started. Just do it. Also, failure is feedback. You never fail at anything in life, you just receive feedback.

How to connect with Alexis:

Instagram: @alexiseileenae



Kick the Comparisons, a FREE 5 day course

For questions about this series, or to work with Jen, contact her here. If you would like to support this project and others like it in the future, click here.


Hi friends!  I've missed you the last few weeks!  I shared on Instagram the other day that I had taken a little time away from blogging as part of deep self-care.  We have an exciting change coming up in our life, and it felt best for me to take a little down time before all of the change occurs.  With that being said...


YAY!  You have no idea how happy I am to share that news with you all, and how thrilled I am to be moving back to our sweet little town on the beach.  SO EXCITED!  

A little over a year ago, Greg and I made the decision to move to Pasadena.  It was mainly so he could be closer to work and not have to commute as much, but it was also about stepping out of our comfort zone and embarking on a new adventure together.  And an adventure it has been!  While in Pasadena we adopted Charlie (greatest blessing ever) and explored a new city, but most importantly, stretched and deepened our relationship with one another.  While we are very happy to be moving back to Ventura, we are also grateful for the opportunities in growth and love that the past year has brought us.  

There is a laundry list of reasons why we are moving back to Ventura, but the main thing it boiled down to for us was: It just felt right.  For me (and I can probably guess for Greg, too), when I closed my eyes and put my hand on my heart, the answer was clear.   

Much more will be shared, but for now I am just super excited that we're finally able to fully spill the beans!

Thank you for all the love and support!

xo.  Jen


Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Did you celebrate Halloween?  My weekend was very full, but really fun, too.  I have LOTS of photos, so I'm jumping right into it! photo 1

photo 1After work on Friday we jumped in the car and headed to Ventura!  My Dad's birthday was earlier in the week, so we went out for sushi that evening to celebrate.  My rainbow roll was delicious!

photo 2

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3Saturday morning, Greg, Charlie, and I went down to the beach.  It was a STUNNING day! The water was super glassy, and the sun was shining beautifully!  Greg decided to take a bunch of photos, and I am SO glad that he did!  He got some really great shots!  After our walk, we went and had a breakfast burrito on the pier (which ended up holding me over for the majority of the day).

photo 3Saturday afternoon I met up with some friends.  Starla and I have been best friends for 18 years (CRAZY how time flies), and I have know her cousin Jo for just as long, and we're all great friends!

photo 5

photo 1Saturday evening we went to a Halloween party.  Greg was a priest, I was a nun, and Charlie was a dinosaur.  My mom was the cutest kitten ever, and my dad was a USC coach.  :)

photo 2Sunday was church, lunch at Spencer Makenzie's (I got the ahi burger, and shared my fries with everyone), visiting with more friends, then heading home.  We spent the rest of the evening snuggling on the couch, and going to bed early (time change got me all mixed up, haha).

All in all, another fantastic weekend!  Tell me about yours!

xo.  Jen




Good morning, friends!  Today I have a very special post for you.  Remember a few weeks ago when I did my first interview with the lovely ladies from She Arises?  Well, today I have my second interview for you! I am very excited to introduce YOU (my amazing readers) to Helya Naghibi!  Helya is not only a friend of mine, but I also trained privately with her before I moved away from Ventura.  One of the things that I love about Helya is that she has such a big heart, and truly wants the best for everyone.  She literally researched various exercises and modifications just for me because of my weird knees, and we would test them out together.  Helya worked with me in a gentle, yet tough way, because she has so much faith in what her clients are capable of.  I also love that she innately knows the difference between when her clients need an extra boost, and when they need to rest.

Part of why I wanted Helya here on The HHB is because she is all about balance.  She meets people where they are at, and helps them set realistic, attainable goals.  Health and happiness are high on her list, and you can really feel that when you talk with her.  Honestly, I wish she would just move into our spare room, but I think her fiancé, pups, and everyone else in Ventura may miss her.  As for now, I will settle for seeing her via social media.

If you live in the Ventura County area, I highly recommend checking out The Studio for either a private session, or one of the amazing classes.  For now, read more about Helya below.

Q + A

Q + A

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

HELYA: Hi! My name is Helya and I’m a NASM Certified personal Trainer and I own a small boutique studio in the beautiful city of Ventura, CA.  I absolutely love what I do, I am extremely passionate about health and wellness and my clients mean the world to me.

Q: Have you always been into fitness?  If not, what inspired you to get into your healthy lifestyle?

H: Nope! I was very much a late bloomer, as some would say. I did not seriously start making changes in my life until after I had gained all of my weight and was told by my family that I no longer had the metabolism I used to have. I also saw some really awful pictures and was horrified. I started to work out, but I didn’t actually change my lifestyle until about 3 years ago.

I always wanted to “lose weight” and to me, that was healthy. But there was a point where I realized, no matter how much “weight” I lost, I could always find something else to beat myself up about. I realized that losing weight was not a goal for me; I had to love myself first and simply take care of my body. That means I have to nurture it, give it good food and move. Move it every day! And honestly, everything else just fell into place after that!



Q: What was the motivation behind starting The Studio?

H: I have a confession: if you told me I would open a gym in a town where I knew no one and moved to only 3 years ago, I would call you crazy. But life is crazy! I have always known that I would work with people, I just had not realized how until I found fitness. When I took my first group class at a small gym, I was in awe of all of the amazing people around me. I then heard their stories and found my own. I started to get certifications left and right and before I knew it, I was being asked for advice, for training... and it ultimately just grew into this incredible community I now call, My Studio Squad.



Q: What is your mission/goal?

H: To help people become the BEST version of themselves, because they deserve to see that, be that and live that!

Q: How do you show yourself radical self-love?

H: I truly live the life I talk about with my client. I love my body. I care for my body by nourishing it, by moving it and by living the best version of me. I call that radical self love ;)

Q: What is your favorite self-care regimen?

H: It’s been tough owning a business, I’ll admit. And there have been highs and lows, just like anything else. I make sure to set my schedule correctly so I have a day where it’s about me. I get to do whatever I want. Sometimes that means, I get to cook all day and play with my doggies. Other times, it means I get to have a glass of wine with my hunny. Whatever it is, it’s about me and no one else.



Q: When do you feel the most beautiful?

H: I feel the most beautiful when I’m in my element. I’m in my element when I’m training. Whether I’m with a client, a class or by myself, I feel the most beautiful when there is sweat on the floor from HARD WORK!

Q: Do you have a spiritual practice?  If so, describe it.

H: Yes, I believe in a Higher Power and I speak to Him often. I have a spiritual group I confide in and a spiritual coach I call when I need advice. It is the one thing I cannot explain, the one thing I have no words for other than… it keeps me feeling alive and sane.

Q: What does a Happy, Healthy Balance look like to you?

H: A happy, healthy balance means two things to me: 1. It means it is from the heart. As in, I truly believe in what I do day to day and it makes me happy. And 2. It is healthy in more than one way… in all ways that make me whole: mind, body and soul.

Q: Where can we find you?

A: Oh boy, so many places!




Personal - @hellyahelya

The Studio - @TheStudioVentura

Nutrition - @TheStudioNutrition

Recently I’ve joined Periscope where I can interact with my clients live while I teach them something like a new recipe or a workout, or a recovery technique.

My name on Periscope is: @Hellyahelya

Also, you can always email me:

TOP 10

TOP 10

1. What is the last meal you cooked?

H: Slow roasted garlic tomatoes and pureed into a salsa!

2. Favorite food?

H: Honestly I eat everything. Anything homemade is my fave!

3. Favorite way to indulge?

H: McConnel’s Ice cream seems to be the one right now.

4. What is your favorite way to move your body?

H: Dancing, with loud music on, all alone, at my Studio.

5. Who is your girl crush?

H: Right now, Ruby Rose! But all time crush is Mila Kunis.

6. What is your spirit animal?

H: Not sure exactly what that is, but something that flies, fast like… a hummingbird.

7. What is one of your favorite quotes?

H: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

8. What would you name the autobiography of your life?

H: No. I don’t have a brother named Helno.

9. What is the best gift (material or not) that you’ve ever received?

H: My engagement ring - the promise to have a partner for the rest of my life.

10. What is your wish for the world?

H: My wish for the world is to live a life they are proud of.



I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did.  Thank you for joining us at The HHB, Helya!

xo.  Jen


Happy Friday!  Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?  We're moving.  Yep, you read that correctly!  Many of you may already know, as I've posted it on social media, but I thought I would share a few more details here on the bloggy-blog. photo 2Greg and I are moving to Pasadena!  While Pasadena is only about an hour (withOUT traffic) from where we live now, it is a big change and transition for us.  While we are going to miss Ventura, the beach (!!!), our community, and most importantly family and friends, we are super excited for what is in store for us.

Why are we moving, you ask?  Well, Greg has been commuting for yearsss (mainly to the Los Angeles area), and the traffic has just been getting worse over time.  So, one day we made an decision to start actively looking for a place to live that was a shorter commute, and we chose Pasadena.  It is beautiful, up against the hills, and has the type of vibe we can groove to (did I just say that?!).  Plus, our new space is only a few short walking blocks to the downtown area.  Yay!

So, the main question that I have been getting is "What are you going to do?"  That is something that isn't set in stone (is anything, really?), but I will say that there will be lots of changes, and I'm really pumped about that.  PLUS, I'm so excited to decorate and design a new home!  EEEKK!

photo 1This is a big transition and change in our lives and relationship, and I am so, so, SO grateful for the support of family and friends.  It takes a village!

That's all for today, but I will definitely be sharing about our new home, decor ideas/DIY, and much more!  ALSO, if you live in Pasadena, or have any places/restaurants we should visit, PLEASE let me know!  Much love!

xo.  Jen