Jen Luce



I don't know what feels more weird: A) That I haven't blogged in almost a year and a half or B) That it is already 2018.  I think it's a tie.

2017 was one of intensity.  There were a lot of highs, sprinkled with lows, too.  Through that, I've spent the past couple of months really evaluating what feels most important in my life.  The introspection has ranged between my relationships, business, home life, spirituality and so much more.  Through all of the over analyzing, I kept coming back to the same thing over and over again: I don't have the time or energy to do anything that I don't fully love.  

So what does that mean exactly?  Simply put, life is too short for me to do anything that doesn't bring me joy.  Don't get me wrong, stuff will arise and shit happens, but that all has to feel worth it within whatever it is that I am doing.  As we enter into 2018, my intention is to be completely purposeful and intentional with whatever it is that I am doing.  My life is a mirror of my thoughts and actions, and I want it to be reflected as so.

On another note, you'll see that I have transitioned from The Happy, Healthy Balance, to Jen Luce.  Same gal, updated content.  Take a peek around, and see what's new.   I'm really loving it so far!  Follow me on Facebook (still working on transitioning this) and Instagram for more frequent posts, too.  I'd love to stay connected!

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May 2018 be everything you want, and exactly what you need!

xo, Jen