Hi there!  Remember me?  Ha!  Let's just say that moving took a bigger chunk of energy out of me than I expected.  Not in a bad way, but more in the way of, "I really want to blog, but these pictures aren't going to hang themselves."  Truth be told, our entire house was unpacked the day we moved into to our home.  LITERALLY every box.  So many people showed up and helped us (most without even us asking), it was incredible.  Everything else was mainly decor, and situating things the way we like.  Having a comfortable home that I find beautiful is reallyyyy important to me (and when I say I, I mean Greg too, but this is my blog. HA!).  It's where we spend the majority of our time, and it's our safe haven.  Not to mention, while I am certainly not a professional, decorating and making my home feel cozy is one of my favorite things to do!

Side note: This is not turning into a home decor blog!  I am just excited about our new home, and had a few people ask, so thought I would share. :)

There are still a few things that I want to do, and honestly, I don't think anything is ever "complete" when it comes to decor.  My style is constantly changing and evolving into something different (kinda like life), but for now, it feels good.  The layout of our space is super funky, but also awesome!  We decided to go with a Bohemian-California theme, which was pretty easy since that's where my eyes tend to go.  Think: lots of plants, bright Turkish rugs, gold accents, neutral furniture, and pops of color.  Greg is so relaxed about this sort of stuff, and his only request was that we have more color.  DONE!  

Here are a few photos of a our space, where it is currently at.  The best part?  We are SUPER close to the beach.  Woo-hoo!

On Wednesday I will be kicking off my NEW Fall Workshop Series!  There will be two different local workshops that you will be able to attend, and both are going to be super soul fulfilling! Keep your eyes peeled, because I can't wait to share! 

xo.  Jen


Hi friends!  First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the love!  The past week I have received so many loving and kind emails, texts, comments, etc. about our upcoming move, and also about my feature on The Couragemakers podcast (if you missed it, you can listen here).  You are all so kind, and I feel super loved, so THANK YOU again!

With the move happening this weekend, and all the packing that is going on, the house is currently in complete disarray.  For example, I made coffee this morning (because, DUH Jen, the coffee pot is the last thing that's going to be packed), but I forgot that I had packed all of my mugs.  So, I am currently drinking my coffee out of Mason jar with no handle (hot, hot, hot).  Adapt, overcome, and improvise, right?

Also, our sweet Charlie just doesn't know what the heck is going on.  He has just been wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what all the boxes mean, and looking at me with these sad eyes that are screaming "Mama, what the heck is going on, and if you're going somewhere please take me with you!"  We've tried to do our best at reassuring him that he is loved and definitely coming with us, but I don't think he quite understands.  Poor baby.  If you have any suggestions on how to deal with animals during the moving process, please share!  I'm all ears!

Lastly, seeing as how we will be starting to load a 15' U Haul on Friday, unloading on Saturday, nesting on Sunday and Monday (4th of July), I will be back next Wednesday for an update (fingers crossed).

Send us your good vibes and lots of energy!  We're living off love and adrenaline right now, HA!

xo.  Jen






Hi friends!  I've missed you the last few weeks!  I shared on Instagram the other day that I had taken a little time away from blogging as part of deep self-care.  We have an exciting change coming up in our life, and it felt best for me to take a little down time before all of the change occurs.  With that being said...


YAY!  You have no idea how happy I am to share that news with you all, and how thrilled I am to be moving back to our sweet little town on the beach.  SO EXCITED!  

A little over a year ago, Greg and I made the decision to move to Pasadena.  It was mainly so he could be closer to work and not have to commute as much, but it was also about stepping out of our comfort zone and embarking on a new adventure together.  And an adventure it has been!  While in Pasadena we adopted Charlie (greatest blessing ever) and explored a new city, but most importantly, stretched and deepened our relationship with one another.  While we are very happy to be moving back to Ventura, we are also grateful for the opportunities in growth and love that the past year has brought us.  

There is a laundry list of reasons why we are moving back to Ventura, but the main thing it boiled down to for us was: It just felt right.  For me (and I can probably guess for Greg, too), when I closed my eyes and put my hand on my heart, the answer was clear.   

Much more will be shared, but for now I am just super excited that we're finally able to fully spill the beans!

Thank you for all the love and support!

xo.  Jen