Good morning!  How is everyone today?  How was your weekend?  Mine was so FULL, but also really relaxing.  A nice blend of both.  Let's jump into my Weekend Recap, with lots of photos! photo 1Friday late afternoon I went to the optometrist, and ended up having to get my eyes dilated. I've never had to do that, and while it was totally fine at the time, it left me really blurry and SUPER sensitive to light for the rest of the evening.  Has that ever happened to you?  Anyway, I'm getting a stronger prescription for my eyes which I'm happy about, and a really cute pair of glasses.  :)

For dinner, I was not up to cooking or going out, so Greg volunteered to make dinner.  Now, he is the first to admit that he is not the cook in our house, BUT I will say he is excellent at taking direction!  Haha!  I literally laid on the couch with a pillow over my eyes while telling him what to make, and how to make it.  He did AWESOME!  Our dinner was a zucchini and corn bake, which I will post a recipe for this week.  It was delicious, and so beautiful!  Thank you, Greg!

Saturday I went for a run, we took walks with Charlie, and went to a BBQ/pool party at a friends house.  It was so much fun, and so relaxing!  I didn't take any photos, because I was in the water almost the entire time.  My idea of a perfect afternoon! :)

photo 2

photo 3

photo 2Sunday morning was an early morning run for me, breakfast at home (avo toast + kale and eggs), lattes on the patio, and a trip to TJ's (hence the flowers).

photo 4After running errands we went to lunch.  Greg and I were both cravinggg burgers (maybe because it was Labor Day weekend??), so we went to Slater's 50/50, where I had a veggie burger (only ate 1/2 because it was huge).

photo 1Monday morning (Labor Day), I went for a run, we lounged around the house, then had breakfast.  Two GF waffles with ricotta and fruit (one with pear, one with nectarine), and two faux sausages.  SO GOOD!!  We went to Target, snuggled with Charlie, then got ready for the baseball game.

photo 3It was Angels vs. Dodgers at Angel Stadium, and we had lots of fun!  A perfect end to our Labor Day!  Even if the Angels didn't win.  :)

I hope you all had a perfect weekend, doing exactly what you wanted to do!

xo.  Jen

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